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I just checked the weather forecast for the weekend and they are calling for blue skies and daytime temperatures of around 8 ot 9 celsius.

That’s hard to believe with it cold and mizzly with a raw west wind while I was carriyng in the day’s supply of wood for my stove! But I AM going to believe it, and encourage you to take a run down to the valley to check out all our local and green shops and boutiques.

Everything from locally sourced and organic fresh fruit, meat and vegetables to a couple of pieces of great Nova Scotia Folk ART.

Above is a picture of my Elmer Killen carving of a “Poor Man’s ” team ploughing. I was with my mother over 25 years ago when she purchased this at a gallery in Blockhouse, Lunenburg County run for a short time by Chris Huntingdon, who was instrumental in the revival of interest in Nova Scotia folk art.

Elmer Killen was one of the foremost artists of that first generation of folk artists artists who numbered Collins Eisenhauer, Eddie Mandaggio, Maud Lewis and Joe Norris among them.

Mom left this carving to me when she died over 20 years ago and now it’s time I passed it on to another collector to love. The carving, complete with farm dog and a couple of foraging gulls is in almost pristine condition – I’ll leave the decision to either touch up the paint where it peeled off the gesso or not to. Contact me to discuss pricing. This will be a pick up only purchase.

Above is a carving I’ve enjoyed owning for several years now. Bought from Houston North Gallery during a featured exhibition of vintage and newer pieces of Nova Scotia folk art, this lovely polychrome  carving of an almost life sized gull on a buoy is the work of Roseville Tanner. It comes with provenance and again is a pick up only purchase. You can take this lovely, guaranteed housebroken, fellow home for $225! Contact me if you wish to put a hold on him.

Below are three paintings I’d like to share with you today. They are oil on canvas board painted in the late 1920’s or early 1930’s by Wilfred Cyr who painted in Amesbury Massachussets, near the old fishing port of Gloucester which at that time was host to the International Fishing Schooner Races. Mr Cyr and his brother were both physically challenged artists who painted and also ran a cartooning school. It would not surprise me if these oils were painted in the studio using MacAskill’s famous photographs. 

The painting above which is 18×20 and nicely framed is of a schooner race.

Above, a group of schooners “ghosting” along in a very light breeze – I can hear the gentle flapping of the sails and the hiss of water passing under their hulls, can you?  Again, nicely framed and 12×16.

And finally, below, a lovely seascape with the rich but muted colours so popular in that period.

You can buy any one of these lovely, ready to hang, oil paintings by a listed artist for $100 each or take all three home for $300. Again, I’m asking for pick up only on these lovely works of art and that you contact me if you want anything put on “Hold”  

I’m looking forward to welcoming you to my home this weekend and would like to remind all you quilters and needleworkers out there that I have fabrics galore, kits, patterns and books at amazing prices.

See You!   Janet



 I have spent the last fifty years collecting all kinds of lovely vintage items and have decided that now is the time to start downloading them as I downsize and simplify. In addition to collecting and making quilts, I have also a large collection of vintage table linens and bed linens and lovely faience and staffordshite items. I also have some good examples of Nova Scotian Folk Art and fine art as well.

I decided to hold open house every weekend from now until Christmas, and so far the response to my limited publicity has been very strong. So make sure you visut my “pop-up shop” soon and often over the next little while.  

a warm welcome awaits you at my christmas shop

So…..if you can get here, I am open Saturday and Sunday from 10AM until 5Pm at 641 West Hall’s Harbour Road – follow Hwy 359 North out of Kentville and go through the Harbour and up the other side staying on the paved road. My house is on the right hand side of the road about a km from the small white church. MY red white and blue “OPEN” banner will be out.

If you have any particular items on your wish ;list, email me your specifics and I will look for special items for you.

Remember: I have fabrics, patterns, quilt and needlework kits, vintage completed quilts, handknits, yarn from my stash, lovely household items and so much more.

Also remember, it’s green to shop local artists and artisans, and recycle antiques and collectibles. In addition, you will pay no sales tax.

I’ll be waiting for you with a warm welcome, and a gift to the first person making a purchase each day.

Janet Gordon

641 West Hall’s Harbour Road, Hall’s Harbour