About Me and My Shop


Hi: My name is Janet Gordon. I’ve been living and working in this old cape style house near the Bay of Fundy fishing village of Hall’s Harbour in Nova Scotia, Canada for close to thirty years now. My house dates to early settlement and may trace back to the mid-1820’s.

After a lifetime of knitting, sewing children’s clothes and embroidering, I fell into quiltmaking and found my passion!

Above is a recent finish called “Janet’s Indigo Baskets” a versatile small quilt made of 1800’s reproduction fabrics. I will be sad to see this one go!

Before I knew it I had enough books, patterns, kits, fabric and ideas to last me three lifetimes! I seldom used the patterns or the books to follow specific quilt construction, prefering instead to use them as jumping off points for my own one-of-a-kind designs. The above quilt was purchased from me not too long ago, and again is that versatile size that can be used as a child’s bedquilt, a wall hanging or tableclolth, or picnic cloth – “Dancing Stars” .

Below is a sweet set of doll bedding – mattress, lace edged pillow and small doll quilt which I made not long ago featuring scraps of fabric sent to me by an internet friend who lives in Provence.

And finally what I think is my best effort so far – a quilt top which I have not yet found time to quilt – “Coastal Schooner, Blomidon” which has become my avatar picture. Three or four generations ago, schooners like this were seen all over eastern North America, carrying supplies, fish, produce, lumber and coal from port to port. This one is depicted in Minas Basin, off Cape Blomidon – 5 tidal rivers and several smaller tidal creeks empty into this end of the Basin and at high tide, schooners could sail up many of them to take on and offload cargo.

Of course, over the years, I couldn’t resist adding to my collections of vintage and antique quilt kits and before I knew it I had a huge collection of kits, some started, some still factory sealed, the occasional completed top from a kit and now and then if they were in excellent condition I bought completed quilts from kits. It was much more addictive than my other collections – Nova Scotia folk art, vintage ceramics, vintage bed and table linens and some children’s items.

These kits morphed into a seperate sideline and I now have had a web presence for many years selling from my very large inventory.

So, now it’s time to start ‘de-stashing”! I decided to have a pop up shop at my home on the weekends between now and Christmas, but with the very positive response to the idea, I have begun to take the shop online too, and plan to carry on indefinitely with it. The easier to ship items will be available to everyone, but for large, heavy or very fragile items I’m suggesting pick up only – just ask about anything you see – janet@novascotiaquilts.com 

My goal is to encourage folks to buy treasured vintage items or new but handcrafted items – a very green Christmas!

An incomplete list of goodies includes quilts, both modern and vintage, hand knitted items, yarn, fabric, kits of all kinds, patterns, books, exquisite table linens and bed linens, ceramics, children’s item, country french items, folk art from Nova Scotia and fine art too! You’ll be amazed!

So come down some weekend soon and see what I have “in store” for you – you’ll be delighted with the very good prices and the one of a kind items from which to choose. As currently displayed stock goes, more is added daily. Below, a handprinted tablecloth by Charles Demery, now deceased, of the French firm Souileado. I haven’t seen another like it.


Above a darling piebird – these little ceramic items were put in the middle of pies to allow them to breathe rather than bubbling over and making a mess of the oven – I think I also have one of these little guys in blue with a rosy red breast – sweet and a lovely old time custom!

And finally , from the Beatrix Potter Bunnykins series by Wedgewood, a plate – Mrs. Rabbit is looking after a poorly Peter Rabbit. I have several pieces, cups and bowls in this series and in addition, several other sets of children’s dishes. Just ask about them.

My location is:

641 West Hall’s Harbour Road – take highway 359 north out of Kentville and carry around through the village and up the paved road on the other side until you pass a small white church on the right – my home is also on the right about another km up. I fly my red white and blue OPEN banner.

Email me if you wish to arrange a time other than weekends or to discuss payment and shipping:   janet@novascotiaquilts.com


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