About 25 years ago in an effort to jump start some tree growth on a property which when I moved to it had only a small lilac bush and a few scrub pussy willows and pin cherries, I bought a bundle of bare-root hybrid poplar saplings no bigger than buggy whips and planted them.

I knew they would grow fast and provide shelter and shade while the slower growing trees came along in their own time. They did better than my wildest dreams, and late last winter, with an end of season ice storm, one of them split off it’s two huge top branches and in falling, those branches took out the power line running along the road – quite a feat, since that tree was back a good 40 or 50 feet from the lines.

It was clear that the time had come to cut those trees before they fell on the house or took out my power service. Over the intervening years, several good hardwoods have grown up and an assortment of spruce and wild cherry and small birch. I am sorry to see these great trees go, but they are leaving a legacy behind: Their leaves have enriched the soil every year; they have provided much needed shade;cutting them down gave a contract at a good living wage to a local small business owner; and friends who will put in the sweat equity will share 50/50 with me as they process next year’s firewood. We all win  and promotion of simpler, local living with a smaller carbon footprint is also a winner.

As you can see, I’m loaded for bear with most of this winter’s firewood stacked either inside my back porch or adjacent to the house. It looks as though I won’t have to buy firewood next year and that is a big help in offsetting the cost of the tree removal as I go through three or more cords each winter and sometimdes more!


Tomorrow I’ll get back to the treasures I have for sale in my pop-up shop. Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the US! Janet


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